EASY V.1 for 5.5-6.5 hp.

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Easy V.1

Product category: Easy model (DIY)

Short description: An Easy Set (DIY) was developed from Sport model by knocking down long shaft into 2 pieces for individual use and convenience for transportation with lower cost as the whole set can be packed in 1 carton box.

Product sub-category: For engine 5.5-6.5 HP (Honda GX160, GX200)

Complete set: Engine Base S200,

         Base Seize S200 (Nut / Butterfly Screw),

         Engine Housing S200,

         PTO Shaft S200 19.05 mm.,

         Handle (2 holes / short),

         Long Shaft A85 inch (knock down 2 pieces),

         Propeller 6.25 and 6.5 inch

Example of Engines with Easy V.1 Set

 Honda – GX120, GX160, GX200

 Yamaha – MH150, MH180, MZ125/R, MZ175/R, MT110A

 BRIGG&STRATTON – 3-5HP, 4-5.5HP, 3.5-5HP

  model: 122032-0536-B8, 122037-0550-B8

 Duromax – 7HP XP7HP

 Harbor Freight – 6.5HP Predator 212cc

 Carroll Stream engines – 5.5-6.5HP

 Kohler – 6.5HP SH265-0011, 7HP CH270-0103, CH270-3011, CH270-3031, CH270-3105  Engine (HP): Easy V.1 (DIY) 5.5-6.5 HP

 Remark: Any engines with same specifications to Honda GX200 are compatible with Easy V.1 Set